Exercise & Nutrient

Exercise & Nutrient Classes

Continuing your weight loss journey

After your bariatric surgery, you’ll need to stay committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we’ll continue our commitment to you by encouraging you to regularly walk and stay active. These exercises after bariatric surgery are important, as they will help prevent blood clots that can form in your legs due to inactivity.


As with any type of physical activity, choosing something you enjoy is the best way to ensure you are regularly active. Whether that is going for a long walk with a friend, riding your bike or going for a swim, doing something that you enjoy each will mean you will be more committed to your long-term exercise plan.


Although you may be inspired to elevate your activity—such as with an aerobic and weight training program—becoming more active than before will take time, especially if it has been years since you have performed at that level.


After you have recovered, exercise will be critical to maintain muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness. If you have any questions or concerns during your hospitalisation or after discharge, you should contact your surgeon or care team at Life Weight Loss Centre. We have a support team available 24/7. You need to keep us informed so that we can take the proper steps to help you through your journey to a healthier you!

What can I eat after surgery?

During your recovery, your diet will consist of clear liquids and protein rich liquidsfor the first few weeks. This is to ensure there are no complications. High protein based liquids are available for purchase at the clinic.  After this initial period, your diet will alter based on the recommendation of your life weight loss dietian, this service is all included in your care package.

In no time at all you will able to enjoy nutritious and healthy meals as you work toward continual weight loss. For recipes, nutritional information and more please contact us.