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Do you know the facts about bariatric surgery?

Do you know the truth about modern bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery procedures have come a long way from where they were 20 years ago when the process was in its infancy. In fact, bariatric surgery is now just as safe as many other common medical procedures, such as gall bladder surgery and hip replacements.

When it comes to major surgical procedures, there will always be a level of concern from the patient regarding safety and risks. However, that should not stop individuals from electing to have the surgery. Like most chronic diseases, the earlier you treat obesity, the better the outcomes.

Are you unsure if bariatric surgery is safe for you? If so, it’s worth noting that the complication rate at Life Weight Loss from bariatric surgery has been less than 0.5% over the time we have been practicing.

Safety first at the Life Weight Loss Centre

At the Life Weight Loss Centre, patient safety is our number one priority. It guides everything we do.

To ensure our bariatric surgery procedures remain safe, it is crucial that we have an utterly clear picture of the patient’s health. For this reason, our initial consultations are key to a safe procedure.

We have to ensure that the patient has no uncontrolled medical issues. Patients may have hidden problems that need to be picked up and controlled prior to entering bariatric surgery to ensure that there are no surprises during the procedure.

When we discover a hidden or uncontrolled medical issue prior to surgery, we can help you find the most relevant, most qualified specialist who can help you address and manage the issue. Once that has been addressed, we can move on to the next stage in the process.

Prior to their bariatric surgery, all patients go on a liver detox, which lasts between two weeks and two months depending on excess weight. The liver detox improves the patient’s healing capacity and immune system, while also giving the surgeon easier access to the stomach when performing the surgery.

Life Weight Loss Centre’s post-surgery care

Once we perform bariatric surgery, we remain in close contact with our patients. Post-surgery we carefully guide our patients through a staged diet program, transitioning from a liquid diet to solids over a seven-week period.

We advise all of our patients to start some form of physical exercise immediately after having bariatric surgery. Our exercise physiologist guides patients through this process until they are ready to attend a gym program. The provision of the exercise physiologist is covered by the initial surgery fee.

Don’t let bariatric surgery be your last resort. But if you believe you are ready for weight loss surgery, you can rest assured that our Medical Director, Dr Durmush, and the team at Life Weight Loss Centre has the experience and understanding necessary to ensure your bariatric surgery is safe and a success.

Learn more about bariatric surgery safety

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of acting now to treat your obesity and why bariatric surgery is now a lot safer than you may think.

Know the facts about bariatric surgery – time to act on obesity

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