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Dr Durmush

Medical Director and Surgeon

Dr Durmush is a general surgeon with particular interest in obesity surgery and advanced laparoscopy. He completed his surgical training in Germany, where he obtained the Arzt fuer Chirurgie (Fellow of General Surgery) in 1987. He was awarded a Fellow of the Australasian College of Surgeons in 1994 and in 2013 was awarded a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons. He has immense experience in laparoscopic surgery having performed over 5,000 laparoscopic operations to date.

As an advanced laparoscopic general surgeon, Dr Durmush became interested in obesity surgery in the late 1990’s which led him to Monash University, Melbourne , where he trained in laparoscopic gastric banding alongside the world renowned Professor Paul O’Brian. Dr Durmush, however, was not entirely convinced of the effectiveness of the band for sustained weight loss, especially for patients suffering from emotional and stress eating. Dr Durmush decided to address this deficit by attending a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy training program with Dr Leon Cohen, at the Mercy Bariatric Centre in Perth. As a result Dr Durmush was one of the first surgeons in Sydney to introduce the sleeve gastrectomy as a viable alternative to gastric banding.

The Life Weight Loss Centre was established shortly after By Dr Durmush, to provide a “Centre of Excellence” for obesity in 2007, and for this centre to offer a choice of surgical weight loss options ( more than just the gastric band) within a multidisciplinary environment (dietitians, clinical psychologists, exercise physiologists and bariatric surgeons) to cater for the needs of Sydney.

Since its inception the Life Weight Loss Centre has grown in reputation for its exceptional patient care, attention to detail and sustained weight loss. Dr Durmush has performed more thant 1200 sleeve gastrectomies with a complication rate of less than 0.5%, which is comparable to the results of the world leading bariatric surgeons. In fact, Dr Durmush was honoured by an invitation to address several European bariatric surgical meetings with regard to his sleeve gastrectomy leak management protocols and how to prevent leaks.

Dr Durmush is committed to ongoing research and data collection. In fact Dr Durmush’s recent journal article “Short-Term Outcomes of Sleeve GAstrectomy for Obesity: Does Stapleline Reinforcement Matter?” published in Obesity Surgery -The Journal of Metabolic Surgery and Allied Care in 2014 was nominated as one of the top ten most read articles for obesity by

In addition to obesity surgery Dr Durmush also performs surgery on all types of hernias, Gallbladder surgery, enoscopies, abdominoplasty and brachioplasty.

Dr Durmush is a full member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), International Federation of Surgery of Obesity (IFSO), Obesity Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand (OSSANZ) and International College of Surgeons.

As a point of interest Dr Durmush was nominated as “Australian Of The Year” for 2013 and 2014 consecutively.

Dr Vinh Hua

Consultant Anaesthetist


Since graduating in Medicine from Sydney University in 1995, I have worked at various tertiary teaching hospitals in NSW including 3 years at Westmead Hospital and 5 years at Liverpool Hospital. I have been practicing full-time anaesthesia for over 16 years. Currently I am a Visiting Consultant Anaesthetist at Westmead Private Hospital, St George Private Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital, and Campbelltown Public & Private Hospitals. My current scope of anaesthetic practice encompasses many disciplines including emergency surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, orthopaedics & trauma, urology, eye surgery, and general surgery including paediatrics. However, my most prominent area of anaesthetic practice is with Dr Durmush in bariatric obesity surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric-banding and gastric-bypass).

Surgery and Anaesthesia is often a stressful time of high anxiety and apprehension. My professional motto is “First do no harm”, hence patient safety is of utmost importance in my practice. Amongst other things, patient satisfaction is also of paramount importance. I aim to provide a comfortable experience for the patient by providing adequate pain relief and preventing nausea and vomiting. Unfortunately, in medicine as in life, occasionally things don’t always go to plan, despite our best efforts. Complications do occur in anaesthesia, although very rarely, and Australia is one of the safest countries in the world to have anaesthesia. Most complications are minor, however, even with rare complications, with experience and expertise these complications can be well managed to ensure a complete and speedy recovery.

By sticking to the above principle of maintaining patient safety and satisfaction in the highest regard, I hope to allay your fears and ensure a positive experience through your life-changing journey. If you have any questions regarding the anaesthesia, I will be happy to answer all your questions at the pre-operative consultation and provide the necessary reassurance prior to your anaesthetic.

Astrid von Lojewski

Clinical Psychologist

Astrid von Lojewski B (Psych.), MPsych (Clin.), MAPS, is a Clinical Psychologist with a diversity of clinical experience she has gained, both in Germany and in Australia, over the past fifteen years. Over the years, Astrid has worked in various settings and has background in psychotherapy, psychological research, education and training. Her areas of expertise are obesity, eating disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders.

In addition to her clinical work, Astrid holds an academic position within the Department of Medicine, University of Sydney. Within this position, Astrid has conducted doctoral research into the relationship of disordered eating behaviours and psychological comorbidity. She has published articles and is currently still working on publications related to her research work. In the past, Astrid has held a research position within the Department of Clinical and Physiological Psychology of the University of Trier, Germany. Her research interests included the comparison of therapy approaches in the treatment of obese adolescents.

Astrid has been part of the team at the Life Weight Loss Centre since April 2008. The work has further enhanced her interest and expertise in the treatment of obesity. Astrid enjoys working in a team of professionals dedicated to support people to achieve living the life they want to live. Astrid has special interest in the enhancement of patients’ quality of life after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Astrid is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, the German Psychological Association (BDP) and its Clinical College.


Abraham, S., von Lojewski, A., Anderson, G., Clarke, S. & Russell, J. (2009). Feelings: What questions best discriminate women with and without eating disorders? Eating and Weight Disorders, 14, e6-10.

von Lojewski, A., Boyd, C., Abraham, S. & Russell, J. (2012). Lifetime and recent DSM and ICD psychiatric comorbidity of inpatients engaging in different eating disorder behaviours. Eating and Weight Disorders, 17, e185-93.

von Lojewski, A., Fisher, A. & Abraham, S. (2013). Have personality disorders been overdiagnosed among eating disorder patients? Psychopathology, 46, 421-426.

von Lojewski, A. & Abraham, S. (2014). Personality factors and eating disorders: self-uncertainty. Eating Behaviors, 15, 106–109.

Angeline Violi

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Angeline Violi is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). She completed a degree in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Sydney and has been helping the community reach their health and fitness goals since.

With experience in weight loss, aged care, rehabilitation, and chronic disease management, Angeline will create an individualised exercise program that suits you and your lifestyle. She will work with you to help overcome any barriers you may encounter.

Your tailored exercise programs are updated every visit and your progress is monitored throughout your entire weight loss journey.

Whether you opt to manage your weight with surgery or lifestyle modifications alone, Angeline will support you from your initial visit, until you reach your goals and ongoing to ensure your results are maintained.

Timmy Chu

Accredited Dietitian

Timmy Chu has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) since 2008 after graduating from the University of Sydney with Honours. He has experience in managing a variety of areas in nutrition such as obesity, cardiovacular health, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, PCOS, sports nutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. He is part of the team of dietitians who will help with your food and nutrition needs to ensure that you learn how to nourish your body after your procedure and to help you create new sustainable eating habits for the long term. Weight loss surgery can be a highly effective tool and combined with his expert guidance and easy to understand ideas, you will feel confident with eating and get the best health outcomes from the procedure. Finding the right balance between weight loss and eating to fuel the body can be tricky, so the dietitian visits are designed to help create the right strategies which will fit into your lifestyle and enable you to eat well, feel well and be healthy!

Perin Durmush

Practice Manager

Critical to the establishment of Life Weight Loss Centre in 2007 and its ongoing success, Perin Durmush is a core part of the practice team. Working closely with patients, Perin enjoys helping people understand their life goals and needs and the process of bariatric surgery. With over a decade’s experience of working with patients at a vulnerable point of their lives, much of Perin’s work with patients is to process their life experiences and get to the point where they make the decision to undergo bariatric surgery and change their life trajectory. As Practice Manager, Perin works with a multi-disciplinary medical team to ensure the best clinical outcomes to achieve and maintain weight loss which often delivers a resolution to multiple health issues patients are facing.

Ebru Vardar

Practice Manager

Ebru Vardar has been with the Life Weight Loss Centre (LWLC) since its inception in November 2007. She is an integral part of the clinic in her role as our front desk receptionist and patient liaison, ensuring that efficient, caring and professional customer service is offered to all our patients before and after weight loss surgery. Ebru also manages Dr Durmush’s general surgical practice in Fairfield.

Dr John Ozmen


Dr John Ozmen is a consultant general surgeon with ANZGOA accredited specialty training in Upper gastrointestinal and weight loss surgery. He has a wide experience in open and laparoscopic abdominal surgery especially in the fields of upper GI, reflux, biliary, and pancreatic surgery with over 3000 cases to date. His experience also covers diagnostic and interventional endoscopy. His practice includes weight loss, gallbladder, laparoscopic hernia, skin cancer, ingrown toenail, vasectomy, adult circumcision, and pilonidal sinus surgery.


Dr Ozmen completed medical training at UNSW in 2001 and was awarded MBBS BSc(Med) Hons Class 1. Surgical training was accomplished in Sydney with the award of FRACS in 2011.

Post fellowship training

Dr Ozmen completed specialist training in upper GI and weight loss surgery at St Vincent's Sydney Campus in 2012 and St George Public and St George Private Hospital, an IFSO surgical centre of excellence, in 2013. He was awarded certificate of post fellowship training by ANZGOSA in 2014. In 2014 he furthered his weight loss surgery training at AZ Sint Jan Hospital in Bruges Belgium where he operated under Dr Bruno Dillemans, a world expert in weight loss surgery at a world famous IFSO centre of excellence.


Dr Ozmen's expertise covers the spectrum of laparoscopic (keyhole) abdominal operations. He has helped published a novel application of self gripping hernia mesh, and published a number of peer reviewed articles in various fields ranging from heart disease, anatomy and other basic sciences. His areas of interest are weight loss surgery, laparoscopic hernia repair, gallbladder and gut malignancy surgery, anti-reflux surgery and therapeutic endoscopy.

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