We know that choosing weight loss surgery is a big decision and you will want to know as much as possible beforehand. To help you make your decision, we have compiled some of our frequently asked questions for you below.

Pre-surgery Information

Yes. We hold FREE information sessions every four weeks and our surgeon attends every one. Click here for further details.

In order for you to see any specialist Medicare requires you to obtain a referral from your local doctor (GP).  Your local doctor should assess your health and discuss with you the options of weight loss surgery however they won’t have the specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding like a laparoscopic surgeon.  If you are interested in undertaking life changing weight loss surgery then ask your local doctor for a referral to Dr Durmush at the Life Weight Loss Centre and we can help you through the journey to better health. 

Our surgeon is experienced in providing all types of weight loss surgery. Each procedure has different benefits, so you can discuss with your doctor the procedure that suits you best.

Dr Durmush is a general surgeon specialising in laproscopic and bariatric surgery. Dr Durmush is one of the most experienced obesity surgeons in Australia. Dr Durmush has personally performed more than 1700 weight reduction operations (more than 200 is considered fairly experienced). Click here for further information on Dr Durmush.

Patients are expected to lose 50-60% of excess weight in gastric banding and 60-80% with sleeve gastrectomy within 2 years.

Costs and Finance

We do not offer finance directly to our clients, however there are finance companies such who specialise in medical finance plans.

Yes. Our Complete Care Program has no nasty surprises, clear and simple.

Yes. The price includes unlimited post-operative consultations.

Post-surgery Care

As soon as you feel comfortable to, generally you will be walking on the same day.

We offer the following services:

  • Unlimited surgeon consultations
  • Unlimited telephone based support
  • All band adjustments (gastric band patients only)
  • Unlimited support group meetings
  • A total of up to 7 individual Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Psychologist consultations (no group sessions).

Our surgeon provides all of your medical care after surgery, not a stand-in doctor. We always provide the best quality care, no exceptions.

Life After Surgery

The band is easily adjustable to manage symptoms like nausea.

If you are planning a pregnancy, we recommend not falling pregnant for a least one year after the sleeve gastrectomy and two years following gastric banding. The probability of falling pregnant can actually increase with weight loss.

It is recommended to take some vitamin and mineral supplements after these procedures as you will generally be eating less food than your body is used to. This ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals you need for energy and vitality.

The procedures will have no effect on taking your normal prescribed medications in the long term.

Eating out is fine. You will generally be able to eat a normal range of foods, however it is advised to eat smaller portions, such as ordering an entree as a main. After the procedure you will feel comfortably full with this.

Yes. An occasional glass of wine or beer is not considered harmful to weight loss. Everything in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption on the other hand may result in weight regain.

No, but there may be a reduction in the volume of your stools because you are eating less. If you develop any problems, it is fine to take some Metamucil or increase the fibre in your diet.

Studies have followed lap band patients for over 12 years with no problems.

Very rarely. Skin usually continues to contract for up to 2 years and can be assisted by simple things such as exercise to help remould your skin and improve your muscle tone. In the event that excess skin does need to be removed, we won’t refer you to an expensive plastic surgeon like most weight loss surgeons, Dr Durmush is experienced at performing all skin tightening and removal procedures, and because you are a part of the Life Weight Loss family, any additional procedures will be at a discounted rate. Our Complete Care package covers all bases.

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Want to know more?

Request a callback from one of our friendly Practice Managers