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Patient Stories

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Patient case study: Graham Pocock

Patient bio

  • Patient’s name: Graham Pocock
  • Date of surgery: November 2017
  • Patient’s age at time of weight loss surgery: 72
  • Patient’s weight before weight loss surgery: 112kg
  • Patient’s weight after weight loss surgery recovery period: 87kg
  • Patient’s weight loss following surgery: 25kg
  • Patient’s current weight: 74kg

In his early 70s, retired plumber and Australian Army veteran Graham Pocock was overweight and was struggling to manage his diabetes. He was advised by his heart surgeon to consider weight loss surgery to better manage his weight, improve his overall health, and to ultimately extend his life.

Graham’s heart surgeon referred him to Life Weight Loss Centre and its Medical Director, Dr Ertugrul Durmush. A centre of excellence for helping people with their weight, the Sydney-based Life Weight Loss Centre is one of Australia’s leaders in weight loss surgery and Dr Durmush is a world-renowned leader in gastric sleeve procedures.

Having never considered gastric bypass surgery as a comprehensive solution to his weight and health management, and being unfamiliar with the procedure, Graham consulted Dr Durmush to learn more. And he didn’t need much convincing once the process was explained to him.

“I could lose weight on a diet but I couldn’t maintain it,” Graham explains. “I could only go for so long; the temptation to cheat was just too much.”

After a number of further consultations with Dr Durmush, Graham entered hospital for weight loss surgery in late November 2017. The surgery was seamless, successful and removed approximately two-thirds of Graham’s stomach. He spent two days recovering in hospital before being discharged and sent home.

“The thing that amazed me was that I didn’t have any pain,” he recalls. “There was no pain attached, and that really, really surprised. And there were only five little tiny cuts across my stomach region. And then the weight started to fall off.”

Patient interview: Graham Pocock

Weight loss surgery with Dr Durmush and the Life Weight Loss Centre has changed Graham’s life in ways he could have only dreamed of. Today, Graham is fighting fit and shows no visible signs of a man who once struggled with his weight.

In a recent Q&A with the Life Weight Loss Centre, Graham opened up about life after weight loss surgery and why weight loss surgery with Dr Durmush was the best health decision he could have made.

What were your initial thoughts when weight loss surgery was suggested to you by your heart surgeon?

I’d heard of weight loss surgery, but I’d never taken any notice of it. I had questions about it – because of my age more than anything else. But I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever; it’s a new life for me.

Why was dieting not a workable solution for your weight and health management?

Dieting was fine. Yes, I can lose weight on a diet, but only for so long and then I just couldn’t maintain it long-term. I got really fair dinkum about it a few years ago and lost about 16kg. After six months I just couldn’t maintain it anymore. I just couldn’t. But [weight loss surgery] is permanent and I know damn well now that I’m not going to be able to put that weight back on again.

How have your eating habits changed post weight loss surgery?

I struggle to eat very much at all now, but I graze. I might have food five or six times a day, but only small amounts. Before surgery I could eat four or five lamb cutlets with vegetables; now I can at a stretch eat two and then I’m totally full. I can pretty much eat anything, but only in very, very small quantities. I occasionally have a little piece of chocolate, but every time I see Dr Durmush he tells me, ‘remember Graham, sugar is your enemy’.

How has your lifestyle changed following weight loss surgery?

I go to the gym now. You’d never catch me in the gym before, but as soon everything had healed up after the surgery [three months] I got the okay from Dr Durmush. If I can, I go to the gym five days a week. I work pretty hard at the gym for about an hour and a quarter.

How has your approach to weight management changed as a result of having weight loss surgery?

I can’t really put on weight anymore. There’s just no room; my stomach’s not big enough to hold it.

How has weight loss surgery supported you as a diabetic?

My diabetes is pretty much back to where it should be. Where I was taking tablets plus insulin before the surgery, I’ve not touched insulin since surgery and I’m just on one tablet a day. So that’s been a huge plus for me, more than anything else actually.

Has your weight varied much over the 20 months since your weight loss surgery?

Dr Durmush told me I might put on two or three kilograms. I’m at 74kg now and it goes up and down by a little. It might go up to 75kg and then it’ll come down again on a daily basis. It’s maintained itself at that level. And I’m comfortable. I’m not lacking anything and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my fitness levels. But, as I said, I work at it.

What can you share about being a patient of Dr Durmush?

I found him to be very good. I’ve got absolutely no complaints at all. He has a psychologist with him at his clinic who I had a visit with, and he’s also got a dietician as part of his team who I visited with. He’s got these little models in his office and he explained things very thoroughly. He had a really good manner about him. I did enjoy it. I have since had further surgery with him. I developed a double hernia and he did that for me. It was nothing to do with the weight loss surgery; it was because of pushing myself in the gym.

Would you recommend weight loss surgery with Dr Durmush for people struggling with managing their weight?

Yes, absolutely. I would recommend it to anybody who is really struggling. And Dr Durmush especially. His attention to detail and his personal, hands-on approach made me as a patient feel very safe and comfortable about what was about to happen. I’ve had absolutely no problems with him now on two occasions. He follows up to make sure everything’s okay and to check that there’s no problems.

If Graham’s story inspires you to think about how to better address your weight management, contact the Life Weight Loss Centre now on 1300 669 259 for a confidential discussion, or you can fill out our online enquiry form below and we will contact you shortly.

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