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At Life Weight Loss, we understand that every person is different – but that doesn’t mean we don’t all want to lead a healthy life!

This is why we work closely with all our patients to tailor custom care programs to meet their needs and lifestyle.
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What Sets Us Apart

We offer surgery with an overall complication rate of less than 0.5%.

There has been no staple line leak or bleeding in primary sleeve gastrectomies in the last five years.

By setting an initial consultation, we can determine which procedures are best suited to your medical, weight loss and lifestyle goals. Ensuring the long-term success of any Life Weight Loss program requires much more than just a procedure, that’s why we offer extensive and pre-and post-op support and care as part of our programs, including regular catch ups, meal planning, exercise regimes and goal setting. 

Life weight loss clinic has helped thousands of overweight and obese patients achieve long-term success through our comprehensive surgical and behavioural health program. Since opening its doors, the Life Weight Loss Centre has grown in reputation for its exceptional patient care, attention to detail and sustained weight loss.


Quality Standards

Life Weight Loss Centre’s Medical Director, Dr Durmush, is a leading expert in weight loss surgery, with his expertise and methods being adopted by gastric sleeve surgeons all over the world.

The Life Weight Loss Centre was opened in 2007 by Dr Durmush to establish a centre of excellence for treatment of obesity in Australia. Since then, the Life Weight Loss Centre has earned a reputation as a leading destination for weight loss surgeries.

The Life Weight Loss Centre has seen sustained success by offering patients a range of surgical weight loss options, as well as expert advice in the areas of diet, psychology and exercise. Our team of dietitians, clinical psychologists, exercise physiologists and surgeons understand the needs and challenges faced by our patients and work with them to achieve long-term results.

Our Doctors

The Life Weight Loss staff of world-class surgeons, nurses, clinicians and life coaches have seen the transformation of thousands of happy, healthy patients over the years. Using their expertise and the world’s newest technologies, the Life Weight Loss Centre’s Team work to create personalised weight loss surgery programs that successfully reduce obesity and achieve long-term results.

Dr Durmush

Dr Durmush has performed more than 2500 primary sleeves with a complication rate of less than 0.05%.  This is in addition to other bariatic surgeries including revision surgeries and the latest bypass metabolic surgeries totalling over 3500 operations.

Dr Durmush’s methodologies are recognised internationally, with his expertise in the field earning him invitation to address several European bariatric surgery meetings.

Dr Durmush is a full member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), International Federation of Surgery of Obesity (IFSO), Obesity Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand (ANZMOSS) and International College of Surgeons.

Dr John Ozmen

Dr John Ozmen has presided over more than 3000 open and laparoscopic abdominal surgery cases and is an experienced specialist in the fields of upper GI, reflux, biliary, and pancreatic surgery. A consultant general surgeon with ANZGOSA accredited specialty training in upper gastrointestinal and weight loss surgery, Dr Ozmen is also well skilled in diagnostic and interventional endoscopy procedures.

Dr Ozmen’s expertise covers the spectrum of laparoscopic (keyhole) abdominal operations, and he has studied under global weight loss surgery expert Dr Bruno Dillemans at the world-renowned IFSO centre of excellence.

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Want to know more?

Request a callback from one of our friendly Practice Managers