The Life Weight Loss Journey
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The Five Steps to Life Weight Loss

Long-term weight loss is a journey with different stages depending on your own situation. Understanding your situation is important to ensure sustained weight loss success, with every person facing a different set of challenges based on their health, lifestyle and medical history.

Remember – anyone can lead a healthy life!

Step One: Research

Learning as much as you can about your own health and the different weight loss options available is paramount. Speaking with your doctor, finding out about the many surgeries for weight loss, the associated risks and benefits, costs and experiences of others is a great place to start. Our library of resources and team of experts are always available to answer any questions. Once you have a strong understanding of the various options and benefits at Life Weight Loss, it is time to book in a consultation with one of our doctors.

Step Two: Consultation

This consultation will allow us to make a professional assessment of your situation and weight loss goals, determining the best type of program for you. This is also a time to more deeply discuss any questions that you still have regarding the different procedures, how they work and how best to ensure sustained success. Building a good relationship with your doctor at this stage ensures that we can support you throughout your journey.

Step Three: Setting the program

Following your consultation, your doctor can determine your eligibility for a life weight loss program and weight-loss surgery. If you are a suitable candidate, it will be time to begin the program and prepare yourself for the surgical procedure. This will involve testing, education and consultations with our dietician, exercise physiologist and clinical psychologist, so that we can create a path to success that will ensure sustained weight loss. From this stage, there may be some requirements regarding your nutrition and lifestyle to make sure you will be ready for the surgery. At this point, your surgeon will also make a request for surgery on your behalf.

Step Four: Preparation

In the lead up to your surgery, you will want to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your procedure. It is important to understand the life-changing nature of the surgery and to begin to practice new eating habits, exercise regularly and utilise the support of your Care Team. It is a good idea to keep a diary, join a peer support group and spend plenty of time with friends and family. By engaging those close to you to join in on the preparation, you can all benefit from a healthier lifestyle!

Step Five: Staying the Course

Following your surgery, you will need adequate time to recover so we advise not making any commitments for around 14 days. Following your recovery, you will want to stay motivated and continue to keep the good habits created during the preparation step. Maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise are very important for your continued success. Surround yourself with friends and family, practice your healthy habits and enjoy the freedoms of the new you! Our 2 year “Life Style Program” after surgery ensures you stay on track with your weight loss goals and provides you with the tools to maintan that weight loss.

The hardest part is beginning, so if you think you are ready to start the Life Weight Loss Journey, contact us today!

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Want to know more?

Request a callback from one of our friendly Practice Managers