Weight Loss Surgical Options

Weight Loss Surgical Options

Choosing the right option

There are many options at Life Weight Loss Centre that can help you transform your lifestyle. The procedures we offer are designed to help patients lose weight and get their life back from the challenges of obesity. Choosing the right procedure is very important in your sustained success and will often require consultation with your General Practitioner and your Weight Loss Centre Consultant. The Weight Loss Centre team are committed to maintaining care before, during and after your procedure.


We encourage you to read the following information from an educational perspective only and not make any decisions regarding a particular procedure. The final decision on the type of surgery will be made by yourself and your surgeon.

What is bariatric surgery versus metabolic surgery?

Bariatric surgery has come to be defined as any surgical procedure to lose weight that is undertaken for personal reasons by the patient. Other types of weight loss surgery, such as metabolic, refer to a procedure undertaken to improve pending health problems such as diabetes, cardiac disease or infertility. Both offer different degrees of weight loss.

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic or “keyhole” procedures are when the surgeon uses laparoscopic equipment inside the body, and the surgical view is on monitors. This method is proven to decrease infections, shorten hospital stays, and decrease the pain associated with surgery. This type of procedure is now the most common undertaken at Life Weight Loss Centre.