Making the right choice

The decision to undertake weight loss surgery is serious. When making your choice, there are many factors to consider, the cost of the procedure is only one.


Weight loss procedures are often major surgical events, so having a team of experts to guide you to successful and sustained weight loss is important. The reason we are telling you this is not to scare you, rather we want to demonstrate the importance of choosing the right surgeon and partner for your operation.


Payment Options

When considering the time invested and potential risks of weight loss surgery, the financial cost of your weight loss journey is often the smallest price. The Life Weight Loss Centre has a range of payment options to ensure whoever you are you will receive the best care available

Health Insurance

Depending on your cover and insurer, most private health insurers will cover over 60% of your gastric surgery with MediCare covering an additional component. The costs covered by your health insurer will also depend on whether you are opting for a gastric band or a gastric sleeve.


An important thing to note is that obesity is considered a pre-existing condition. This means that you will most likely have to wait 12 months from the date of joining a health fund to getting the surgery.


If you do not have Health Insurance, many surgeons may only wish to perform gastric banding (Lap Band).

Are you covered?

To find out more information from an insurer on the types of surgeries they cover and the out of the pocket costs, contact them directly and quote the following item number:

Type of surgeryItem number
Gastric bandingItem 31569
Gastric bypassItem 31572
Gastric sleeveItem 31575
Duodenal switchItem 31581
Reversal of Gastric BandingItem 31584
Intragastric* balloonItem 30473

Without Health Insurance


Paying for the surgery outright may seem expensive but could very well be worth it depending on your situation. If you are in a financial position to pay for your surgery.


Weight loss surgery and procedures can be financed, allowing you to repay the cost of the surgery over time. This is a common way to pay for bariatric and weight loss procedures.Two options for financing include ‘MediPlan’ and ‘MacCredit’

Early release
of super

You may be able to apply for early release of super to cover some or all the costs of your weight loss surgery. Find out more on the Australian Taxation Office website

What to consider


Dr Durmush is the pioneer of the staple line reinforcement technique. A surgical innovation leading to the reduction of staple line leaks and complications. Choosing Dr Durmush and Life Weight Loss as your weight loss partner means you are choosing one of Australia’s most experienced weight loss surgeons with thousands of successful procedures completed over 15 years.


Dr Durmush has completed thousands of successful procedures, with a complication rate of less than 0.5%. In fact, Dr Durmush is often referred patients for bariatric revisional surgery where the patient requires adjustments to an original surgery that only an experienced surgeon could offer.


Choosing Life Weight Loss as your weight loss partner means you are supported by Australia’s leading professionals in weight loss procedures. We work closely with you to create a plan that works for you, ensuring your journey to a better life is marked by success. Our in-house care team works around you so that in one appointment and in one location you have access to the support you need: surgeon, dietitian and exercise physiologist.