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Weight Training for Weight Loss

Weight training often conjures up images of beefy body builders pumping iron but, the truth is, weight training is an important part of creating and maintaining a healthy physique and may help hone that dream body more efficiently than cardio training alone.

While many women worry about ‘bulking up’ with weight training, it’s actually very difficult for women to build substantial muscle due to a lack of testosterone. Instead, weight training creates firmness and definition. Looking for Michelle Obama arms or Jennifer Aniston abs? Get lifting!

Weight training builds muscle, which helps to increase the metabolism and burn fat, giving your body a lean, tight, and toned look. Muscles have very high-energy requirements and, even when we’re asleep, they’re responsible for 25 per cent of calorie use. This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you can consume and maintain your weight. Who’s going to say no to that?

Aside from aesthetics, weight training and other resistance training, such as body weight exercises, boost your health in very different ways to cardio. They help improve bone density, which means less chance of osteoporosis and injury, and increase strength, so you’ll never need a hand getting your hand luggage into those overhead lockers again.

Still have images of scary body builder types in your head? Remember those people dedicate their lives to building that volume of muscle. By curling a 10kg dumbbell you’re not going to pack on the muscle at an alarming rate, but you may just find yourself with some shapely new limbs.

If your weight loss and exercise routine isn’t working for you, Life Weight Loss Centre can help with other solutions. Contact the Weight Loss Centre in Liverpool today on (02) 8999 8503.

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