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What is the most popular weight loss surgery?

Types Of Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to obesity surgery, each technique is as varied as the patients that require them. Three of the most popular variants of weight loss surgery are Lap Band (Gastric Band), Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve. Each of these techniques have the same end goal, but with varying ways of achieving them. Below we look at the key elements of each technique, allowing for a clear comparison of the three.

Lap Band (Gastric Band)

Through keyhole surgery, an inflatable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach.

  • A small ‘pouch’ is created just above the band.
  • The passage of food is slowed down, allowing only a small amount to be held at any time.
  • Gives the patient the sense of being comfortably full after eating small amounts of food.
  • The band is adjustable, as a port is placed under the skin of the abdomen. This allows a surgeon to adjust the band, making sure the correct weight loss is achieved.

Gastric Bypass

  • Alters sections of the stomach and small intestine
  • Stomach is surgically divided in to a small upper pouch, leaving the larger lower pouch as a ‘leftover’ pouch.
  • The small intestine is connected to both sections, greatly reducing the size of the stomach and creating faster access to the small intestine.
  • Patient is fuller for longer with less food
  • After surgery most patients lose 65% of their excess weight.
  • Over 85% of patients maintain the initial 50% excessive weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve

  • A keyhole procedure where a section of the stomach pouch is removed
  • This procedure results in little to no pain for the patient.
  • Positively impacts the reduction of obesity related medical conditions
  • Patients lose between 60-80% of excess weight after the completion of the procedure
  • Hospital stay is generally 3 days and predominately for monitoring.
  • Gastric Sleeve is widely considered the ‘gold standard’ of weight loss surgeries.

Each of the techniques shown above has their own benefits and risks, which can also be impacted by the patient’s health condition and weight. This is why surgeons will always need to consult patients prior to undergoing surgery, to ensure every element is considered for safety and health reasons.

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