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Highlighting safety in modern weight loss surgery

What many people who haven’t investigated weight loss surgery do not know is that weight loss surgery is not a new fad or medical procedure. In fact, historical reports note that the first bariatric surgery was carried out in 10th Century Spain. D.Sancho, King of Leon, was reportedly so obese that he was unable to walk, ride a horse or even pick up a sword.. The effects of his obesity actually ultimately led to him losing his throne.

Escorted to Cordoba by his grandmother, D. Sancho was treated by the famous Jewish doctor Hasdai Ibn Shaprut. His solution to the problem was to suture the king’s lips together, so he could only be fed a liquid diet through a straw. This resulted in him losing half his weight, returning to Leon on his horse and regaining his throne.

Thankfully, weight loss surgery methods have since improved greatly, and modern weight loss surgery procedures are nothing like they once were.

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