Options for covering the cost of weight loss surgery

What is your life worth? If you ask any person this question, most will tell you that their life is priceless. And it’s guaranteed that their loved ones will agree. How can you put a price on the life of your mum, dad, brother or sister? What about a close friend? How much is their friendship worth to you in dollars?

Like us, you probably agree that it’s a little grotesque to try and put a dollar value on a person’s life. What if we told you that it happens more often than you think? In fact, it happens almost daily, and the price is not all that high either – roughly between $5,000 and $10,000.

How do we know? Because that is the estimate of what it costs to have life-saving weight loss surgery. And it is also the reason why many people will not go ahead. Also, there is little information available on how eligible patients can seek funding to not only help manage the costs associated with life saving surgery, but to also make it more accessible to more people. So, what are the options?

How to fund your new life

Not everyone will have the money sitting in their account ready to be spent on life-saving weight loss surgery, we understand that. While many people will be able to save up for it, sometimes time works against us and immediacy is the order of the day. So, we’ve pulled together some information on funding options for you to take into consideration if the cost of weight loss surgery is holding you back.

Let’s start with some of the more everyday options:

Credit cards: So long as your credit card has a high enough limit, you will be able to use it to fund your surgery. To ensure that you are not getting stung by fees and interest rates, we suggest that you compare the rates offered by other financial institutions. Look for establishments that may have interest free periods if you move you credit card over to them.

Personal loans: Most personal loans can be paid off over five to seven years, which will make repayments easier and more manageable for you and your family. Once again, be sure to research and compare interest rates and payment terms.

Family & friends: Not an easy option, or the most popular, but an option all the same. It can sometimes be hard to ask friends and family for financial assistance, but there are times when it’s necessary. This is usually one of the last options anyone will consider, especially when they are not sure of what is available to them.

The weight loss surgery funding options you may not be aware of

Here are a couple of weight loss surgery funding options that you may not be aware – but that can be accessed by anyone.

  • Finance: While a personal loan sits within this category, we are referring to alternative financial institutions that find ways for people to get the financing they need for their critical medical treatment. Two such companies we recommend are MediPlan and MacCredit. Both companies provide medical specific financing options for patients and will understand your situation better than most.
  • Early release of your superannuation: For special circumstances, including life-saving medical procedures such as weight loss surgery, you may be able to access your super early. You will need to check with the ATO to see if you are eligible, but you can view some information and advice here to get a better understanding of your options and next steps

Take your next step to better health now

Now that you’re aware of the financial support options available to you for your weight loss surgery, starting the conversation of how we can help you sooner, rather than later, should be a serious consideration. If you are suffering the effects of obesity, doing something about it now – as opposed to later – will mean you are making time work for you, not against you.

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