Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric sleeve (Laparascopic) or Sleeve Gastrectomy is recognised as the gold standard of weight loss surgery. This is a procedure where a section of the stomach pouch is removed, significantly reducing the size of the stomach and therefore giving the sensation of feeling comfortably full after eating a smaller amount of food, and also making you feel fuller for longer. The procedure generally results in no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Research shows that a gastric sleeve consistently achieves greater weight loss than the gastric band and also has significant impacts on reduction or reversal of other obesity related medical conditions such as diabetes.

The gastric sleeve is performed by keyhole surgery.

Life Weight Loss Centre’s medical director has pioneered unique methods in the gastric sleeve. These techniques have allowed Dr Durmush to achieve significantly lower complication rates due to leakage of .28% when the international acceptance lead rate is 2.6%. Dr Durmush teaches his technique to surgeons internationally.

Dr Durmush has pioneered techniques and has lower complication rates due to leakage of .28% when the international acceptance lead rate is 2.6%.

Who is this procedure suited to?

Obese and morbidly obese people who may have difficulty maintaining stringent dietary restrictions in the long term. This procedure is suited to a wide range of people.


Recognised as the gold standard of weight loss surgery.

  • Typical weight loss of around 60-80% of excess weight within two years. On average about 10-20% greater weight loss than the band.
  • This procedure is called a ’set and forget’ procedure with no need for regular medical reviews and adjustments like the gastric band.
  • People may return to more fibrous solid foods over time such as steak, sausages and bread, which is not always possible with the gastric band.
  • The gastric sleeve does not cause any changes to food absorption.
  • Hospital stay is generally 3 days, just for monitoring.
  • Requires minimal vitamin and mineral supplementation after the procedure.
  • Creates GLP1 hormone changes which corrects sugar, can reverse diabetes, changes taste senations
  • Creates PYY hormone changes which suppresses appetite
  • Creates Grehlin hormone changes – the hormone which creates hunger


  • A possible complication associated with this procedure is when leaking occurs from the suture line where the section of the stomach is removed. This generally requires further surgery to repair the leak and monitoring in hospital. New technology and technique has addressed this problem, reducing the risk of this complication to .28%.

Click here to download our fact sheets about the gastric sleeve surgery – diet modifications and the risks & side effects of the gastric sleeve.

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